New System for Domain Names .ar

Responsible Person: In the new´ s system the Responsible Person, Technical Contact and Administrator are no longer in use. Previously this information was necessary to register and/or delegate a domain. In the new system only exists a Main User who can create an “alias” (real persons or not) to whom one or several tasks can be assigned so they can work as representatives in the name of the domain Main User.
The system does not allow creating one “alias” for various Main Users, but it is necessary for each Main User to create his own “alias”, which must be different from each other.
Each “alias” owns a name, password, associated e-mail account and performance permissions, and its functions can be enabled and/or modified from the Main User control panel.

Ownership: The owner of a domain name (Main User) can be either a natural real person or a legal person (national or foreign). However, in order to be able to use this new system each domain owner must register before by completing an on-line form from the website of, and then submit certain documents before its offices.
Once the registration is approved by the Main User will be able to make use of the system to register, renew or delegate domains, among other functions. In the case of a real person, this new registration process is easier, although it requires the submission of an ID card before in order to ratify the application to register.
The registration for legal persons (national and foreign) is not that simple as a certified and/or legalized or apostilled copy of the by-laws, articles of incorporation, Power of Attorneys, etc. as well as its translation, whenever it is necessary, will be needed.
Once the main user registration is done, the new system allows the proceedings to be performed in an easier and faster way, especially as regards the registration of new domains.
Regarding the renewal of domains, the domains are being automatically renewed until October 27th, 2013. From that date onwards it will be necessary for the owner of a domain to be registered as the Main User in order to renew it by himself.
Registration Limits: The limit of 200 domain name per Main User is maintained although it is possible to request an exception based on reasonable grounds.
Domain Names Transfer: In the new system it is again required to submit a document executed by the parties (with certified and/or legalized signature when it corresponds) that accredits the domain transfer. On the other hand, the time for granting said transfer rises from 72 hours to 30 days (bearing in mind that the documentation was correctly submitted).

Whilst it is possible that with these changes the more than 2,300,000 domains registered in Argentina may reduce, we consider that until a charge for registering and/or renewing domains is not implemented, we will continue being one of the countries with the highest number of domain names in the region.
The charge would include the possibility of registering domain names for more than a year. Therefore, it would not be necessary to renew the domains every year.
Conclusively, we consider that the intention of modifying´ s system has been encouraging and the implemented changes have been positive. Nevertheless, there are still various drawbacks regarding the domain registration in Argentina and the execution of the system still reflects some challenges. In case you have any questions or you need clarifications on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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