Our areas of expertise cover all aspects of specialization in trademark and patent law, intellectual property and legal treatment as well as advice on Argentine legislation


Our Patent Department deals with all the procedures necessary to obtain an Invention Patent. This includes a preliminary study and the preparation and phrasing of the technical documentation: descriptive report, claims and formal drawings. We also carry out the process to obtain a Patent in each one of the stages and maintenance all through the validity.

This department is in charge of the proceedings of applications of Patents abroad, both of national and foreign clients, adapting in each case to procedures in accordance to the legislations and treaties in force.

We also provide advice and background search to determine the patentability of an invention. This Department also specializes in phrasing agreements of Technology and License Transfers.
This area has professionals specialized in specific techniques, such as Chemistry, Biotechnology, Mechanics and Electronics and also has Industrial Property Lawyers and Agents specialized in Patent controversies, related to the Patent Office or to third parties.

  • Analysis of the patentability of the invention.
  • National and International background search.
  • Preparation of technical reports on technical developments.
  • Phrasing of the descriptive report, claims and formal drawings preparation.
  • Following up of the procedure, study and reply to objections of the Patent Office until approval is obtained.
  • Seguimiento del trámite, estudio y contestación a objeciones de la Oficina de Patentes hasta su aprobación.
  • JInvention Patents Infringement Lawsuits.
A | Utility Models

In our country, the Utility models are related to Invention Patent, sharing formal and procedural characteristics. The members of the Invention Patent Department are also in charge of granting an Utility
Design Certificate
in the Republic of Argentina.
Many countries do not have this type of legal protection, and if they do, their legislation is different to the legislation of Argentina. This Department provides advice to our clients on the most convenient protection , in accordance to the different existing legislation and treaties on the subject.

B | Industrial Models and Designs

zquierdo & Vicetto has wide experience in the area of Industrial Models and Designs. We have a team specialized in this field, they are in charge of preparing the descriptive records, drawings, additional photographs and everything involved in the presentation of the application; Investigation and protection of the Models concerning the terms of renewal; and also the infringement of civil legal actions.