Argentine Legislation

We are specialist in local law relating to trade marks, patents, intellectual property and commercial companies. Here we present a summary of the Argentine law on the subject.

Trademarks Legislation

The trademark act allows a vast range of signs to be registered as trademarks being able to consist of names, symbols, monograms, stamps, vignettes, trademarks in relief, letters, numbers with drawings, packaging or other signs to identify products and services.


Concerning the procedure to obtain the registration of a trademark; once the application is filed, it is published in the trademark bulletin in other to allow third parties with legal interest to file the corresponding opposition to the application, the administrative organism in charge of the registration can also name records that are believed to be similar to the trademark to be registered.
The trademarks can be transferred by inheritance, assignment, sale or others; but in other to be valid it must be registered in the National Institute of Industrial Property.
The registration of the trademark is for a period of ten years, indefinitely renewable for periods of ten years, only if the trademark has been used during the five years prior the renewal petition.