Our areas of expertise cover all aspects of specialization in trademark and patent law, intellectual property and legal treatment as well as advice on Argentine legislation


Our trademark department develops all the procedures related to the registration, follow-up, negotiation and defense of the rights of the Trademarks, both in our country and abroad.

Our experience in Industrial Property Law has permitted us to cover all the areas related to these issues.
Regarding trademarks, we cover from the preliminary analysis to determine the viability of a registry through a background search, to the procedures related to the Trademarks defense, protection and licenses. We also have and area in charge of foreign Trademarks. This means that our Legal Department provides legal assistance; protection and follow-up of the rights of our clients all over the world. Our Trademark Department is constituted by Industrial Property Lawyers and Agents specialized in the different fields of this subject such as the registration, the defense, the negotiation, the surveillance, the international protection, the regional agreements and treaties and legal advice.

  • A national and international trademark background search.
  • Application presentation before the Trademark Office.
  • Procedure follow-up until the culmination.
  • Registry renovation.
  • Permanent control to detect identical or similar applications by third parties.
  • Defense advice on matters that deal with applications and advice for the presentation of opposition to the applications to register of third parties.
  • Trademark infringements lawsuits.